The Malabar

Inspired by the series of infamous schooner yachts designed by John Alden in the 1920's, the "Malabar" is a 12-fret acoustic guitar with the bridge centrally located in the "Sweet Spot" of the lower bout, resulting in its  beautifully seductive tonality.

The Malabar is available with either a 12-fret or 13-fret neck and optional cutaway body.

An example of my 13-fret Malabar can be viewed on page 123 in Robert Shaw's book "Hand Made, Hand Played: The Art and Craft of Contemporary Guitars".

Standard Dimensions

Scale Length:  25-3/8 inches
Nut Width: 1-7/8 inches
String Spacing:  2-3/8 inches

Body Length:  19-3/4 inches
Lower Bout Width:  14-3/4 inches
Upper Bout Width:  10-5/8 inches
Depth:  4-1/4 inches at the  tail block

Music: "Autumn Roads" and "Cairo" on this page, and "Rosie's Last Dance" on the Home Page  written and performed by Doug Young