The Composer

The "Composer" is the newest edition to my lineup. It is a parlor-sized guitar with tone and projection that belies its modest dimensions.  It is particularly well suited to a fan fret multi-scale orientation.

Standard Dimensions

Scale Length:  24 inches - treble  - 24-3/4 inches (fan fret)
Nut Width: 1-13/16 inches
String Spacing:  2-5/16 at the bridge

Body Length:  18 inches
Lower Bout Width:  12-3/8 inches
Upper Bout Width:  8-3/4 inches
Depth:  3-7/8 inches at the  tail block

Music:  "Sea Gypsy" and "Southwind" on this page and "Siren" on the home page written and performed by Doug Young. Over the years, Doug's creativity and support have been instrumental in evolving my signature sound.